Ground Care services

For most of our commercial and domestic operations, the following are typical tasks that we carry out:

Grass cutting

All green spaces, great and small. We use a variety of machinery from pedestrian self-propelled lawnmowers, to larger “ride on” cutters. We can offer a “boxed” grass collection cutting service, or cut and leave in situ option, where grass cuttings are automatically dispersed on the cut area without collection.

Strimming & edging

Sometimes a lawnmower or ride on cutter wont cut grass on steep embankments and hard to reach places. Our team members are highly experienced in strimming grass safely on those problem areas. For all of those obstacles in grassed areas, powered strimmers and other hand tools to cut grass in difficult to reach and border edges for a neater finish.

Hedge cutting

We use small handheld and long pole hedge cutters to trim back seasonal growth at the correct time of year (protecting nesting birds). All waste can be collected and disposed at our locally sourced recycling and compositing service provider.

Picking up litter

Litter can be collected from sites and disposed of in the correct manner.

Application of herbicides / weed control

All members of the team are trained and hold PA01 & PA06 certification, permitting us to use pesticides in a controlled and safe way. We are currently looking in to testing newer and environmentally friendly pesticides to reduce the harmful impact that can be caused to nature.

Maintaining environmental / wildlife areas

Some of our sites are protected by legislation to help maintain and encourage different aspects of wildlife. We cut wild grassland/meadows on planned annual/biannual cuts and target toxic/invasive weeds that can be harmful to habitats. We try to work with nature, rather than against it.

Tree surveys / works

We can arrange to carry out tree surveys required to monitor the health and wellbeing of specimens and collaborate with local authorities to address any Tree Protection Orders.


We use a variety of local nurseries to supply us with plants for all your planting requirements.

Take a look at some examples of our work in the Gallery.

To find out more, please get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to help.